About CosmicWars

2018 Awarded the Grand Prize for Indie Game of the Year!
2018 Google Indie Game Festival Top 3 selection!

The end of the universe is near, travel for survival in the “Cosmic Wars”

  • Delve into a grim, post-apocalyptic universe and explore various stories.
  • Combine your favorite part however you want! Build your own strategic fleet!
  • Survive in battles against various forces, space monsters, and other users who wander through the universe.
  • Lead the battle to your advantage with skills and interceptors.
  • Become a bounty hunter and arrest the fugitives.
  • Travel through the world of ‘Cosmic Wars’ with stunning art work and unique scenarios.
  • A magnificent space-strategy battle where time just flies by!
  • Over 60 quests and plenty of play time

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