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What is TREEVE?

TREEVE is a platform for skilled gamers and game companies connect and help each other. Through Quests, game companies submit their tasks so you can employ your skills and get rewarded. Game companies get the help they need from passionate partners and you get rewarded for collaborating with the growth of the games you love!

How to become a partner?

Join TREEVE is easy, just register and you are ready to go! Registrations are free and quick. After registering, you can already start assigning to Quests you want.

Click here to register or if you are already a member, sign in

Are there any requirements to become a partner?

Everyone can become partner on TREEVE. however, each Quests have their own requirements – for instance, some may be open for all content creators while others request minimum number of followers; some may be only for English-French translators; others for only FPS pro-gamers, etc. For details on requirements for each Quest, click on the Quest and then, Requirements.

What are Quests?

Quests are opportunities for partners to employ their skills. Invitations to join Quests can be sent by email or you can apply for them directly on TREEVE website. Quests range from creating videos, streaming games, testing new game updates and features, playing closed beta games, writing reviews, translating or proofreading articles… the list goes on! Remember to keep your profile information updated to receive the most suitable Quests. You can manage your accepted Quests here.

How long does it take to be accepted to a Quest?

Some Quests are eligible only for specific partners. After assigning, our team will check your profile and grant you access to the Quest (or not!). The time depends on the Quest but can range from 24h to one week. You will always be informed on the status of your assignment via email or on the Quest’s page.

Can I leave a Quest without concluding it?

Yes! Quests assignments are voluntary and you can leave the Quest at any time. There is no punishment for leaving or not concluding a Quest however, rewards are given only when successfully concluding a Quest.

What do I get as a partner?

Partners can assign to Quests and receive special opportunities to collaborate with game companies. Successfully concluding a Quest can give you rewards and depending on the type of partner you are (content creator, translator, moderator, etc), you can receive exclusive content and information that regular gamers won’t have access to.

What are Rewards?

Each Quest comes with different rewards. They range from in-game items, DLCs, official titles, special access to features, unique merchandise, etc. You receive rewards after successfully concluding a Quest. Check the Quest details for information about rewards and how to claim them.

Still have questions?

Join our Discord or check our Help Center for contacting the staff (:

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